I’ve been writing about YA books since 2007, when I launched my book blog, The Compulsive Reader. For ten years, I posted reviews, news, interviews, and giveaways almost daily. In 2016, I became a regular contributor at Book Riot and in 2018, I was promoted to contributing editor. Now, I write the weekly YA column in addition to covering other bookish topics each month. I also cohost the biweekly Read Harder podcast with Vanessa Diaz, and I’m a rotating cohost on the All the Books podcast. Check out my Book Riot articles!

Here are a few articles I’m especially proud of!

“What We Say When We Market Queer Stories” from Book Riot.

“Just Add Magical Talking Cats” from Book Riot.

“If You Liked It, You Should’ve Put a Bookplate In It” from Book Riot.

“Out and Proud vs. Hiding in Pain Sight: The Evolution of YA Book Covers” from Book Riot.

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