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rural-voices-15-authors-challenge-assumptions-about-small-town-americaIn all the chaos and anxiety of recent months, it hardly seems possible that we are under six months out from the release of Rural Voices: 15 Authors Challenge Assumptions about Small-Town America, edited by my friend Nora Shalaway Carpenter! I’m extremely honored to have a short story in this anthology, and I talked about my contribution a bit more here. It was a lot of fun writing about a first date between two girls set against the backdrop of the county fair, which is one of the events of the year where I’m from!

Since this anthology is a collaboration of 15 different writers and illustrators spread far and wide, there’s no way to offer readers copies signed by all of us. However, I wanted to offer a little thank you to anyone kind enough to preorder! If you order a copy of Rural Voices before the release date of October 13th, I’ll send you a Michigan postcard with a personal note. I love sending mail and these postcards are so lovely, plus they showcase some of my favorite things about my home state–including Superman ice cream!

Michigan postcard

There are three ways to order and get a postcard!

  1. Order from my local indie, Books & Mortar in Grand Rapids, MI. You can get a copy by calling them or by placing an order on their website (yes, they ship!). I’ll sign any preorders, and slip a postcard in your book when it ships!
  2. Order from any retailer of your choice, and then fill out this simple Google form to let me know where to send your postcard! No proof of purchase necessary.
  3. Request that your local library order a copy of the book, then fill out the Google form to let me know where to send your postcard! No proof of request necessary! Most library systems let you easily request materials online, and trust me, librarians love ordering patron requests!

(Note: I won’t share your info with anyone, and it’ll be deleted once I send your postcard.)

That’s it! No matter where you order from or in what format, I’m happy to send you a postcard. And if you request the book at your library–thank you! Library requests are so important, and you rock!

Learn more about Rural Voices under Books!

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